My first foray into Unity is a clone of a certain falling block puzzle game… I don’t think I need to mention its name. Sound effects were created using the delightful bfxr.

Collision Demo

This is a demo of the 3D collision detection library I built. Objects are approximated by a set of rectangular boxes, the level of detail increasing as the objects get closer to each other. This tool lets you move around a few simple shapes and examine their collision trees.

Here is a program that generates random I Ching readings. This was originally created for a tutorial I wrote about generating random numbers in Elm 0.16. Now I’ve updated it to 0.18 and added some snazzy SVG graphics.

I Ching Generator
Double Pendulum

A double pendulum is a classic example of physical chaos… simple to describe, but impossible to predict. This was my first interesting Elm program. I couldn’t figure out a way to put it on my parents’ fridge, so I’m putting it here instead.